Teens Helping Teens - Peer to Peer assistance and donations, supporting our homeless teens!

                               GOT the trailer, now we need the wrap!
vinyl lettering or custom paint- Help us spread the word

                                       URGENT NEEDS     

GOING MOBIL-Street Outreach   $3000
We have outgrown the garage and are finally moving out into the communities. Help us customize inside to fit urgent needs kits/clothes, School Supplies  & Food, or Wrap the outside

STOCK THE Trailer for street outreach
water                                          ($4 per case)
Sunscreen                                  ($24 per dozen)
tent                                             ($25 each)
Protien bars                                ($8 per case)
backpack stocked w/ supplies    ($ 25 each)


hygiene-travel size
Socks & Underwear ALL SIZES
Non perishable backpack foods
Fast food gift cards  
STYLISH HAND ME DOWNS!!!! PLEASE, these teens want to fit in!

Teen Appropriate gifts (Grad baskets, birthdays & Teen Angel Tree)
Phone cards
movie tickets
a gift card to anywhere!
backpacks/school supplies
used ipods or any music device & headphones
used tablets or laptops for tutoring, homework help, school success
TUTORS- yes, many homeless teens are in school and really want to succeed against all odds.
Recent projects:

Join us in our support of "Break These Chains". Bringing awareness to human trafficking and help to the teens rescued from it. http://www.breakthesechainslivefree.org


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