Teens Helping Teens - Peer to Peer assistance and donations, supporting our homeless teens!

Excited to be asked to host the YMCA anti-bullying series again this summer across the city. Love those campers and we usually gain some new volunteers to help us grow. 

Asked to present again this year at the Dream It Be It- Education event for students at Mater Academy is going to be a huge success!

THT's First Clubhouse is finally a reality and I could not be prouder or more grateful to DielCrane Co. for donating the crane to list it up and over houses to get it to St. Jude's Ranch!

What an honor to be named the top Teen volunteer in Nevada and to be honored in Washington D.C.. I was able to discuss ways to help teens in need nationwide with the the top teen volunteers from every state!! Senator Reid and Senator Heller met with us and listened to my concerns. Lets see what happens! The best trip of my life!

Dear Jesus, Thank you for the chance to go to meet so many other teens like me. please help me work as hard as I can to get every state involved in supporting their at risk kids and homeless teens. I really want to make a difference and there is so much to do. Keep me strong and help me spread the word and be a good example.  Please keep all of your children safe and healthy.  Wrap your arms around them and let them feel your love. In your precious name, Amen.

I have started the AT RISK YOUTH branch of THT. I volunteer to help, and collect urgent items for at risk youth, to include kids in shelters. I work closely with The Shade tree Shelter, Molasky Middle School, United Way and several at risk elementary schools. There are so many kids that have nobody. Stand with me and lets help them survive and feel loved. Help me coordinate drives  or volunteers with me to make thier lives just a little bit better.  They all need us.

BLESSINGS BAGS and SUMMER SURVIVIAL KITS,  Our most important current project for kids on the street. Bags full of urgent hygiene items, food and now sunscreen, lip balm, flip flops, water bottles and anything that can help them survive ths hot summer. and don't forget the  important hand written message, the "blessing" in the bag:)

Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal. We filled the entire Play room at The Shade Tree Shelter with new books! It was so exciting to see the faces light up in there. We also sent over 200 new books to elementary schools in Washington D.C., where I got to read to at risk children in poor schools. I will never forget the experience. Reading has always been so important to me and a way to escape hard or sad times. These kids needed these books so bad and it was amazing to be able to gift them.  
I just want to save everyone. I want everyone to have a HOME. To Be loved, to be seen. No invisible needs or people, no pain.  I know I cannot do it alone. I need more help. JOIN THE MOVEMENT, spread the word on your facebook, twitter and instagram. Come and help, you will LOVE the feeling! email me at siena@teens-helping-teens.com
NEW DRIVE-  BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES. PLEASE let me know if you have old backpacks or if you want to donate crayons, markets, pencils, paper, folders anything to help the kids in shelter or living on the streets, that still go to school. They need US. They want to LEARN!

LAST WEEK we handed out SUMMER survival kits to kids right on the streets. This is the best way to find out right away, how many kids need us and to KNOW, how important it is to help them and how much they appreciate being cared about.

 I picked apples from the tree in my own backyard and we just dropped them off at The Shade Tree Shelter! The kids loved them but not as much as the 100 stuffed animals we had collected for them!!! That was their favorite! Its been a great week. Thank you Jesus

Now, collecting Diapers, paper towels, Toilet Paper and sun screen for THE SHADE TREE SHELTER KIDS!  THANK YOU EVERYONE, I have gotten alot of donations already! They asked me directly and I was so happy they thought of me and knew I would get help.  My friends  and kids in school all pitch in to help, but I need more help. Baby items, clothes?? Message me.
Homeless graduate gift baskets were amazing this year. Me and sis were able to make more then last year and also make them a lot more personal. They had Iphones, Beats, Visa gift cards, Walmart gift cards, food gift cards, teddy bears, calculators, picture frames, cologne/parfume, Retro Bakery cupcakes, and all kinds of stuff. This is thanks to some awards we won this year and the prize money went right to work spoiling our homeless graduates!!!! Every year will be better and better.
I love Camp To Belong (reuniting foster care siblings!) and I wish I was old enough to actually be a counselor at the camp, but I made gifts and gathered supplies for the kids to have fun at camp instead. My favorite donation so farThere will be alot more special events coming up to reunite siblings for fun events. My prayer today. Jesus, Please take care of these kids. Kids just like me but without a home or a mommy to hug. Or a daddy to play ball with. It hurts my heart.  Please  help us make them feel special, loved and excited to stay in school and make better lives for themselves.  I pray for all of the foster kids that are still seperated from thier brothers and sisters.  Please, Jesus, try to find them foster homes where they can all live together. In your name I pray, Amen.
stylish hand me down drive ongling- Message me for pick up, or drop off locations.  Maybe do a drive at your school? AND CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET. We need your stylish hand me downs. Sports equipment, toys, books and anything to help foster kids, kids in shelters and homeless kids.


Proverbs 19:17 
Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.
Luke 6:30 
Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back
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