Teens Helping Teens - Peer to Peer assistance and donations, supporting our homeless teens!
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                             MAKE  A CHANGE

                           PEER TO PEER SUPPORT

                                     Our Mission

To Help Homeless, Sheltered, sex trafficked And At Risk Youth Survive, Thrive, Grow & Create Positive Changes Designed To Empower Them, and to bring awareness to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health issues that many of them are affected by.

                                        Our Vision

To provide immediate survival needs to homeless youth through peer to peer support with mentor-ship to challenge them to pursue a life of opportunity, while also motivating our teen volunteers to become lifelong champions for social justice and service to others. The More we educate the more advocates we have out there making a difference in these lives.

                                     Our Philosophy

Nobody understands teenagers more than teenagers themselves. Their fears, desires and priorities! So, who better to step up and help? Now is the time, peer to peer, to make a stand and lend a hand. We believe that most people want to help, they just don't know how. It is the goal of THT to make it easy by first educating teens on the homeless youth issue many of their peers face, and then to motivate them to "Be The Change" by coordinating meaningful opportunities that connect teen volunteers with teens in need. With over 10,000 homeless teens in our community the numbers seem staggering, but with a population of over 2 million and over 300,000 of our population being Teens, it's pretty easy to simplify the solution.


September is Suicide Prevention Month- Please help us spead awareness. 
Original song, Nightmares, by Ciena, our Co-Founder out on all platforms to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention. Please stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes.
                                                         Link to Itunes- 

 THT Clubhouse: First THT Clubhouse installed at St. Jude's Ranch in time for Easter!


Finally got our trailer and it is stocked with back to school fashions, school supplies, hygiene kits, food and emergency supplies (sleeping bags, blankets and survival items) We take it into the communities with street outreach and crisis response. Getting our urgently needed clothes, hygiene, school supplies & food distribution out into the communities!

DID YOU KNOW:  16,000+  homeless teens just in Las Vegas
                                             200,000 in California!
                                              17,000 in Missouri
                                              15,000 in Middle Tennessee
                                              1.6 million homeless youth in America!

 Teens just like you and me but without the security of a home.  A global epidemic and we are taking it to the streets. Now expanded into several cities in Missouri, California and Tennessee. Want to be a liaison for your city? Contact us and MAKE A CHANGE. We work tirelessly to help these teens survive and thrive.  we are asking for your help.  Together we can change their futures, which will change our world!

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    NOW working with United Way, NGAGE to organize even MORE teens to volunteer. Partnering with The Shane Victorino Foundation, The Ryan Sheckler Foundation and Soroptimist International to help at risk youth across the country.

                              BULLYING PREVENTION
    Kids are bullied for being different, for dressing poorly,  for appearing  withdrawn or  as loners.  Have you considered why they don't have nice clothes, who loves and supports them? Why are they withdrawn? These are the very kids that we need to support, not bully! Our biggest message to you today is STOP THE BULLYING! Live a day in their shoes and learn gratitude for what you have and give to those who have not. A smile, a kind word, friendship, an ear to listen, food, help with homework, your stylish hand me downs. Think of the difference you can make when you befriend instead of bully!

    CONTACT US FOR OUR ANTI BULLYING PRESENTATION, currently at YMCA'S, Schools, Clubs & Church Groups.  Help us make a change!

    We want teens across America to "Join The Movement
    Learn all ABOUT US, on our ABOUT US PAGE! We are TEENS HELPING TEENS. Visit our WISH LIST PG. for ideas on how to help. Hold a drive at your school or organization, or just clean out your closet! VISIT OUR NATIONAL INTERACTIVE MAP and find ways to help or get help in your local area.
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