Teens Helping Teens - Peer to Peer assistance and donations, supporting our homeless teens!
I'm going to make a change, will you?
HELP SIENA fill The Shade Tree playroom with NEW BOOKS,  and more going with her to Washington D.C. in May.
Backpack food
bus passes

EXCITING NEWS- In collaboration with United Way to get Teens busy volunteering and helping Teens! also met with The Shane Victorino Foundation, and will be partnering with them on Teen support projects. YAY!

Nike South drive underway, almost halfway to our 100 pair goal. Nikes on the feet of our homeless teens in shelter with their mom's, will give them a HUGE advantage and the confidence to walk strong and proud.

BLESSINGS BAGS! 100's of blessings bags delivered to homeless kids right on the streets. Thank you to everyone helping.   Fill them or donate travel size hygiene items, foods and don't forget to write that inspiration message to add the "blessing" to the bag!

Teen-holiday gifts delivered to hundreds! Thank you.

Time for Homeless graduate gift baskets. Gift cards needed.
 Gifts  also made up the MOM's shopping experience so they could shop and wrap gifts for their teens in shelter with them. What a relief those moms felt when we arrived with all the goodies! So exciting.

Blankets always needed and hygiene kits, backpack foods, run out by the week. There are always ways to get involved and help. ALL YEAR LONG! 
Prom Scholarship program. Every student should have the chance to attend. Formals anyone?
Did you know there are around 7000  homeless teens in NV?
Join our list,  Post us on your FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. Twitter about us too! Social media is our  biggest tool. 
HELP with website upgrade needed.  We want to go national and need help adding a map of the US where teens can get help and give help in their own areas by clicking on their state and then visiting links for resources and  volunteer/donation opportunities. We want teens across America to "Join The Movement!"
These are teens, just like us.  We have posted a list of the essential things we need for these teens, and we are asking for your help.  Together, we can change their futures.
ARE YOU ready to join the MOVEMENT? We are TEENS HELPING TEENS. Visit our WISH LIST PG. for ideas on how to help. Hold a drive at your school or organization, or just clean out your closet! VISIT OUR NATIONAL INTERACTIVE MAP and find ways to help or get help in your local area.
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