Teens Helping Teens - Peer to Peer assistance and donations, supporting our homeless teens!
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Our Teen Angel Tree was bigger then ever this year. We reached over 120 homeless & sheltered teens  in Las Vegas and Nashville, with gifts, needs, outings, parties and events! Thank you for all of your support. Emergency school break food support for teens in NV,CA,MO & TN. Great year! 

Our fundraising efforts have gotten us halfway there! Can't wait to get mobil!

GOING MOBILE: Getting our urgently needed clothes,hygiene, school supplies & food distribution out into the communities! Box trailer/boutique #1 underway!

GOING GLOBAL: (VISIT OUT NATIONAL MOVEMENT PG)headquartered in Nevada, expanded to Missouri, California and most recently Nashville, Tennessee

DID YOU KNOW:  10,000  homeless teens just in Las Vegas
                                             200,000 in California!
                                              17,000 in Missouri
                                              15,000 in Middle Tennessee
                                              1.6 million homeless youth in America!

 Teens just like you and me but without the security of a home.  We work tirelessly to help these teens survive and thrive.  we are asking for your help.  Together we can change their futures, which will change our world!

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    Shining Star 009
    Savannah Prenger- Teens Helping Teens Shining Star, Fox 5

    SO many honors and SUPPORT that really just helps us to reach more and more teens and to spread awareness!


    NOW working with United Way NGAGE to organize even MORE teens to volunteer &The Shane Victorino Foundation has been partnering with us on some amazing ways to help homeless and at risk youth. So excited and grateful! Stay tuned!

    Scarves, beanies, underwear, socks, blankets,Hygiene products & Refillable water bottles.
    Food cards and stylish hand me downs ALWAYS urgently needed.
    ITEMS for our Homeless TEEN graduation gift baskts. Gift cards, etc.

    EXCITING NEWS- Speaking on the panel at this years Philanthropy Forum, was amazing! And we have now been asked to speak at every YMCA location across the valley this summer! We will be focusing on ANTI-BULLYING, and gaining many new Teen Volunteers! 

    Thank you for helping SIENA fill The Shade Tree playroom with NEW BOOKS!
    We now have 100's of brand new best selling paperbacks to offer any TEEN drop in center or shelter/school. Contact for requests: Savannah@teens-helping-teens.com

    Winter SURVIVAL KITS ongoing. 1000's out, more needed. Thanks to our knitting angels and our high school volunteers.

    Blankets, hygiene kits, backpack foods, run out by the week.  

    ANTI-BULLYING: Kids are bullied for being different, for dressing poorly,  for appearing  withdrawn or  as loners.  Have you considered why they don't have nice clothes, who loves and supports them? Why are they withdrawn? These are the very kids that we need to support, not bully! Our biggest message to you today is STOP THE BULLYING! Live a day in their shoes and learn gratitude for what you have and give to those who have not. A smile, a kind word, friendship, an ear to listen, food, help with homework, your stylish hand me downs. Think of the difference you can make when you befriend instead of bully!

    CONTACT US FOR OUR ANTI BULLYING PRESENTATION At YMCA'S, Schools, Clubs, Church Group, etc._ Help us to bring awareness and change! 

    Prom Scholarship_  Just received over 100 new formals from Celebrations Bridal and Formal Wear! THANK YOU... We have tons of new makeup & some menswear also. Everyone should get to enjoy prom! Contact for requests, Distribution events will be announced soon.
    HELP with website upgrade needed.  We want to go national and need help adding a map of the US where teens can get help and give help in their own areas by clicking on their state and then visiting links for resources and  volunteer/donation opportunities.
    We want teens across America to "Join The Movement!"
    ARE YOU ready to join the MOVEMENT? We are TEENS HELPING TEENS. Visit our WISH LIST PG. for ideas on how to help. Hold a drive at your school or organization, or just clean out your closet! VISIT OUR NATIONAL INTERACTIVE MAP and find ways to help or get help in your local area.
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